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Positive mental health

How do I know whether I have a problem?

This is quite a difficult question. If I feel sad, this might be perfectly normal, if there is a good reason to feel sad. If I feel anxious, this too is a healthy human response to a threat of some kind. Yet equally, such feelings can be signs that there is something wrong. Most physicians seek evidence of poor health, possible symptoms of a syndrome or an illness. However, it is equally valid to ask what does it mean to be mentally healthy? At Robin Corner we try to acknowledge the positives as well as the problems.

The following statements of positive mental health are designed to be ideal objectives. It is unlikely that many people will be able to affirm them all.

These are statements of positive mental health:

  1.  I am aware of my body, it tells me when I have problems
  2. My weight is stable and I am content with my body frame
  3.  My childhood gave me confidence in who I am
  4.  I am aware of my strengths and my weaknesses
  5.  I take regular exercise and feel invigorated by it
  6.  I sleep regularly, I sleep deeply and I awake refreshed
  7.  If I drink alcohol I do so within the guidelines, I never binge and I don’t take drugs
  8.  I experience a full range of emotions,(e.g. happiness, sadness, worry and elation)
  9.  I have mutually satisfying and lasting personal relationships; I make new friends easily
  10.  I have a regular and satisfying sex life but I don’t take dangerous risks
  11.  I have a sense of direction in my life, I know where I am going
  12.  My family are supportive but they don’t interfere with me
  13.  I like to be alone occasionally, I use this time for regeneration
  14.  Overall, I am in control of my life and I take decisions when I need to do so
  15.  I think about my special people often. I feel with them; their joy and their sadness
  16.  I enjoy recreation time with others and I like to learn new things
  17.  I have a sense of what is right and wrong and generally this guides what I do
  18.  When I have a problem I face up to it and I seek help when I need it

This list is intended to paint a picture of full human life. There may be items that ‘ring a bell’ for you and if so, this may be an edge of personal development. Spotting the issue of concern is often half the battle. If your life is missing something then coming to Robin Corner may help you to resolve that problem. The list is different to Psychiatric classifications of mental ill health such as DSM 4, because it focuses on positive well being.